Own Your Culinary Dreams with Pantry Magic Franchise

Are you passionate about gourmet cooking, fine dining, and kitchen essentials that elevate the art of food?

Are you looking for a business opportunity that is both profitable and rewarding?

Then consider franchising with Pantry Magic Indonesia! We are a leading purveyor of fine cooking tools and kitchenware, and we are looking for passionate entrepreneurs with hands on attitude to join Franchise.

Why Choose Pantry Magic Franchise?

Proven Business Model

Pantry Magic Indonesia has operated since 2008 and has been THE destination for cooking and baking enthusiasts, and we now look to expand our proven business model to bring happiness to our customers kitchen.

Culinary Wonderland

Our store is not just retail spaces, they are immersive experiences that combine carefully curated products, superior product knowledge and great customer service to inspire creativity, passion, and love for all things culinary.

Expertise and Guidance

When you become a franchisee, you're not just investing in Pantry Magic brand – you're gaining access to our wealth of knowledge and expertise. Benefit from our proven business strategies, product insights, and marketing support to ensure your franchise's success.

Exclusive Product Range

Pantry Magic is official partner for many well-known brands such as Le Creuset, Microplane, Hestan, F-Dick, etc.

Community and Connection

Pantry Magic is not just business, it is a community hub for culinary enthusiasts to come together, learn and share. We host workshops, classes and build relationships with many different culinary communities to foster strong sense of belonging and make Pantry Magic a go-to destination for all things gourmet.

Growth Potential

As the size Indonesian middle class increases toward the demographic bonus period of the 2030s, and the rise in popularity of cooking and cooking shows, the demand for Pantry Magic products continue to increase and you will be in the right position to take advantage of this trend.

$50,000 Initial Fee with Comprehensive Support and Low Ongoing Costs

The initial franchise fee is $50,000. This includes the training, marketing materials, and ongoing support you will receive. Ongoing royalties are 5% of gross sales, and marketing fees are 1% of gross sales.

We are currently looking for franchisees in the following areas:

Join with Pantry Magic Indonesia

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