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Enter the HESTAN Nano Bond Cookware

After some extensive research, we find that Hestan stainless-steel lines will be a perfect addition for our Pantry Magic’s portfolio. For the first arrival, we will bring in Hestan’s top line, called Nano Bond. Nano Bond series has won plenty rave reviews from top Chefs and regular users alike. Even the legendary Chef Thomas Keller praised the superior quality of Hestan cookware and became the brand ambassador.

The words such as “unmatched quality”, “extremely high quality” have been routinely mentioned when people describe Hestan Nano Bond. So, what makes it so special? Let’s delve into some details:

1. 100% toxin free.
2. Super Strong. NanoBond features thousands of titanium-based nano layers bonded directly to stainless steel. As a result, it produces super-dense cooking surface that is not only very resilient and very scratch resistant, it will also keep its shines for a very long time.
3. Even heat distribution. Hestan’s patented ProCore Aluminum boasts 35% greater heat conductivity for faster and more consistent heating.
4. Sealed Rims. Unlike most fully-clad cookware collections with unsealed rims exposing the core layer, all Hestan cookware features sealed, reinforced stainless steel rims. Sealed rims protect against rust and prevent the layers from splitting over time.
5. Flush Rivets. They make the cookware extremely easy to clean by preventing food build up, and stacking is a perfect fit for easy storage.
6. Ergonomic Handles. The handles sizes and shapes are designed to make it easy for the user to get better grip, even with an oven mitt (if you take it out of the oven).
7. Very high heat resistance. NanoBond can safely handle temperatures up to 1050º F (535º C). So it’s the perfect pan for searing – or even open fire cooking.

So if you really want a stainless-steel cookware that really last a long time… can’t go wrong with Hestan’s Nano Bond.


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