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How to Choose Induction Friendly Cookware

So, you have an induction stove, good choice. Induction cooking has been hailed by many as more energy efficient, it helps you to cook faster and it gives more precise temperature control. For new owner, it might take some time to get used to, but those who are used to it, usually love it.

Since Induction works by energy transfer via magnetic field, you need to be aware that not all cookware can be used in induction stove. Follow the steps below and you can find your induction friendly cookware.

1. How to find out if your cookware is Induction Friendly?

A simple trick to test if your cookware is induction compatible is by using fridge magnet, like this, which is available at Pantry Magic. If the magnet sticks, then it is induction friendly, if it hovers (not sticking strongly) or not sticking at all, you will have to find other cookware.

2. What material is good for induction?

There are several cookware materials that you can definitely use for induction stove, namely: Cast iron (raw and enameled) and Black Iron. Stainless steel (Clad) used to not be induction friendly, but now the newer products are made to be induction friendly. But for stainless steel, to be safe, perform the fridge magnet test.

Avoid cookware made of glass (including borosilicate), ceramic, copper, aluminum, unless they are layered with bottom that is magnetic.

So…. choose the right induction friendly cookware for your kitchen and happy cooking.

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