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PK Grills at Pantry Magic

Pantry Magic has long been searching for good quality grill and smoker for our PM Family, and finally we have found one world class grill that can also function as smoker.

Behold, the PK Grill from the USA. These grills is so awesome, not just for beginner but also for professional such as the famous Aaron Franklin from Franklin Barbecue.

PK Grill has a long history stretching back to 1950s. Now it is considered as one of the highest rated grills in the world.

Unlike other grills, the PK Grill cook chamber is constructed entirely from aluminum. And as you know, aluminum conducts heat 4x more efficiently than steel, which means heat is dispersed evenly throughout the capsule. It also means that it is rust proof and very durable. Your PK will be with you through decades of sunshine, rain, humidity, disco music, you name it.

PK Grill’s patented venting shape is exceptional for Two-Zone grilling. You can use it for direct high heat cooking and indirect low & slow cooking! And yes.….it can also function as a smoker. You got it all.

How is PK Grill Compared to Other Grill?

  • Gas Grill: Gas grills are convenient to turn on and off, but you can’t get flavor from gas flame. The smoky flavor of burning wood or charcoal imparts to grilled food IS the point of grilling. Additionally, many gas grills are likely to break or rust over time, and the replacement costs can add up.
  • Kamado Grill: Kamado grill is an excellent grill, but it is made of porcelain, making them extremely heavy, fragile and not portable. Once it gets hot, it stays hot for a long time, which makes it hard to modulate the temperature. A cast aluminum PK Grill can efficiently increase or decrease temperature with the smart use of venting and fuel.
  • Other Charcoal Grill: Typical charcoal grills have only 2 vents (one at the top and one below), this limits your control over air and heat flow. And again, they are likely to break or rust over time.


Buy a PK at Pantry Magic, be happy.

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