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What Makes Copper Cookware Better?

Copper is a well known material that has been used for centuries to make various objects. With its malleable abilities, this material can be made into agricultural tools like hoes and sickles to electronics as an electrical conductor, and even into cookware. Such malleable abilities make copper easy to be reused and molded over and over again once it is heated, and if not, things made out of this material will stay tough and durable. This also means that copper is 100% recyclable and sustainable. The supply of copper is not as easily found as stainless steel or aluminum (which is typically used in cookware nowadays), hence copper as a material itself is more pricey. Therefore, it would make sense as to why copper cookware would be more expensive.

Even so, what justifies the price of it? It may be true that copper cookware can be considered a bit of an investment, but once we look into the benefits we receive, it can be a great investment to make. Copper cookware has great thermal conductivity as well as thermal diffusivity, this means that it can heat up easily but also evenly, so there wouldn’t be any patches that are colder than the rest of the pan or pot, not only that, it also cools down easily as well. This makes it suitable for cooking things that need to be heated up and cooled down fairly quickly, such as sauces or caramel. Or, it can also be useful to foods that are better cooked evenly, like pancakes. Another great thing about copper cookware is that they will last you a very long time, though old pots and pans may need restoration after years, with proper care and upkeep, copper cookware can be passed down to generations!

Not only is copper cookware beautiful and unique in aesthetics, if we weigh the pros of using cookware with copper material, we can see how it very well justifies its price. To sum it up, here are the benefits of using copper cookware:
Heats up easily, quickly, and evenly
Cools down quickly
Recyclable and restorable
Can last generations

So, have you decided whether copper cookware is the right choice for you?

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