Stargazer Cast Iron and Lodge Cast Iron Skillets: A Comparison

When looking for cast iron skillets, you will come across two brands in Pantry Magic stores, Stargazer and Lodge Cast Iron. Here’s what you should know before choosing which brand of skillet to purchase. 

Lodge cast iron is one of the most popular cast iron brands in the world, and for good reasons. They are very durable, come in many sizes, design and shapes, and of course very affordable. Their durable skillet features a rougher, raw pan surface and two pour spouts on each side, with a handle that connects. There are some things to consider before purchasing Lodge Cast Iron skillets. Firstly, they are heavier than Stargazer skillets meaning it would be harder to lift and pour, although when cooking with a cast iron, you typically won’t need to move the pan often. Secondly, the connecting pan-to-handle distributes all over heat quicker, meaning the handle will get too hot to touch faster than Stargazer skillets and you will have to wait for it to cool down to lift. 

Unlike Lodge cast iron that have a variety of cast iron cookware, Stargazer specializes specifically in skillets, thus comparing only skillets in this article. Though they only have one type of product, Stargazer cast iron skillets are of premium quality. There is a lot of thought that goes into the design that comes in handy when cooking. They feature a smoother, micro-textured surface meaning food would stick even less and cleanup even easier. This is because the surface goes through an additional last step of sanding, making the surface superior, though adding to the cost of this skillet. They also have a drip-free flared rim meaning you can pour from any side without making a mess. Lastly, they feature a “stay-cool” handle that doesn’t fully connect with the pan, this means they stay cooler longer making it safer to handle for a longer time. Although Stargazer skillets are lighter than Lodge Cast Iron, they only come in two sizes (10.5-inch and 12-inch) with the same shape, opposed to the variety Lodge Iron Cast offers. 

Both brands of cast iron skillets are great quality and made to last, with their own pros and cons. When looking for a quality, budget-friendly cast iron skillet, Lodge Cast Iron brand is a great option. But if you have more money to spare for even better quality, investing in Stargazer cast iron skillets might be the best move. The choice is yours!

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